MySpace: A lifestyle management app

Still Developing...
Python, FastAPI, MongoDB, Javascript, VueJS


To create a better lifestyle with the app. And to make sure user can track everything of his/her life.

Tools & Technologies

Python, FastAPI, MongoDB, JavaScript, VueJS, Vuetify

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Story of "MySpace"

I was thinking of making note application like Google keep. So, I started working. After few days my Todo part was completed. So, I thought why not add more modules like, money manager to I can track of it. And then I have re designed the UI, System Design part and so many other things. Finally I could manage my money properly with the application. Eventually I am adding more features.

There was so many challanges during development and some are still challenge to fix. I managed the frontend state(data) with vuex. The UI designed was done with Vuetify(A Material Design VueJS Framework). On the backend part I used FastAPI(Python Async Framework) and as a database I used MongoDB. Mongo is hosted on the Mongo Atlas and The application server is hosted on DigitalOcean with a single droplet. I've tried to scale the application as I could.

The app has following features,

  • Add Note
  • Update Note
  • Archieve Note
  • Plain Text, Markdown, Checklist types Note supported
  • Email send from the note
  • Note labeling
  • Add image to note
  • Adding multiple wallet
  • Wallet amount auto adjust
  • Parent/Child Category
  • Transaction support with photo, date, wallet, category and others
  • User invitation
  • User invitation requests
  • Highly configurable from UI

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