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Python, Django, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, Javascript, React, NextJS


To manage ecommerce product as well as their Shops. It's mostly beauty product seller and services. For example, beauty parlour, salon, etc.

Tools & Technologies

Python, Django, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React, NextJS

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Story of "Frisory"

Frisory is an ecommerce application built for Web, Mobile(Android, iOS). It has thee main parts, 1. Web for all users, 2. Vendor for Shop owner, 3. Admin for Shop admin. I am the API developer here. I developed API for mobile, web both. Sometimes it's hard to support with same API for multiple client. But yes, I have done this. I have used my another API development micro framework Github/fast-drf. So, I am really happy for it.

The app has following features,

  • Customer Login
  • Customer can create orders
  • Customer can create bookings
  • Vendor/Admin needs to approve bookings from the vendor app/admin app
  • Stripe payment gateway is integrated for payment
  • Vendor Login
  • Vendor user can manage a single shop assigned to him/her
  • Admin Login
  • Admin app user can manage his/her shop(multiple)
  • Customer can review product or any service
  • Customer can add card, address and all other utilities.

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