Fast DRF

December 2018 (Initial release)
Python, Django, Django REST Framework

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To make API development easy and fast with almost no code. It's model based API maker with scalability.

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Python, Django, Django REST Framework

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Story of "Fast DRF"

Fast DRF, is a opensource micro framework for Python. It's written with Django and Django REST Framework. It was 2018 I was a Junior developer of the team. So, I had a lots of repetative API development. It's like basic CRUD APIs I had to develop over and over again. So, I started to plan this framework and gradually it's been developing. I am really glad that people are using this.

The framework has following features,

  • Models based API generator
  • Runtime Viewset and serializer generator
  • Multiple API versioning support
  • Filtering support
  • select_related and prefetch_related support.
  • URL Customization
  • Override Viewset
  • Override Serializer
  • Django latest support

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